Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Me and Dallas ( my oldest daughter ) have been wanting
to go tubing for 7 years now , and today we finally went .
God gave us such a beautiful day to . We went to
Sugarlands Valley in The Great Smoky Mountains . I
think the Smokies are one of the most beautiful places
in the world . We had so much fun . The water is so
cold in those mountain streams . The funny thing
that happened was when I first got in my tube and
started down the river , I got stuck between two
rocks and I couldn't move . Everybody thought
it was funny , and it was :) . I tried getting out of
the tube , but the rock under me was slick and I
knew I was going to fall in if I tried that . So I had
to sit there until Dallas and her cousin Katie came
back down again to help me out of the mess I was
in . After that I got stuck again , but I got out of
that one on my own . I forgot to take the video
camera , of course I always forget something ,
you would think after waiting that long to do
something you would remember everything .
I'll try to remember it next time . Sugarland
Valley is so beautiful , there are always lots
of butterflies and dragonflies , there is also
a creek there that's great for little ones ,
Riley loves it . When we go to the visitor
center , we like to look at all the tags on the cars
to see where they are from , can you tell we don't
get out much :) , but the Smokies is one of the
most visited parks in the world , so we see tags
from everywhere . Hope every body's having a
great to and God Bless .....Dawn ......


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