Tuesday, June 1, 2010

These days it's not easy to find a good church
to go to . I've been searching for a good while .
When I first started , I thought I would find
one in no time at all , I soon found out
otherwise. I felt like I lived in a place that
had been forsaken , a stranger in a strange
land . I soon found out that I'm not the only
one , it seems this problem is everywhere and
getting worse . I hope to teach my children
the importance of church , even though we don't
have one to go to right now . The most
important thing is to ask the right questions .
If your like me sometimes you forget some
of the questions you want to ask because
you get sidetracked . Most of the time I will
email churches , but the majority never
emails back , I assume they didn't like my
questions . There was one time I thought I
found a good church but I made the mistake
of not asking enough questions , this will
happen a lot if your not careful . I think
it's best maybe to make a list and write
down your questions so you don't forget
what to ask . I know that sometimes your
not going to agree with a Pastor on everything
I have found Pastors that I agree with on
everything , but few . Most of the time there
are two things I disagree with most Pastors
one is the pre-trib rapture , there is no such
thing , the other thing is the second coming
of Christ could happen any second , this is
simply not true , but these two things I can
compromise . The things I won't compromise
are on salvation and soul winning , if I find a
church that is right on salvation but there is
no soul winning I know that we can't grow or
learn in that church . I pray that God will
send us Pastors to start good churches . I
found this video on youtube that may be of
help on what questions to ask . God bless you
all .


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