Surgery Update

Saturday, September 19, 2015

This was Leah's first day of surgery , she was just out of it most of the day , but her pain was not like her past surgeries which I am so thankful .

This was the day after her surgery , she felt a lot better this day but when she went to bed she got sick and started throwing up so we had to stay longer til she got better , I think it was the loritab making her sick .

Thank you all for your prayers .

I have started working on Christmas presents , I am making the kids a pet vet , I usually start on Christmas in July but it took so much money for us to move on I am getting a late start hope I get it all done .

found this at dollar tree for the pet vet , I think  it needs more bones .

these pictures are not in order , but this was the motel the night before the surgery , they all played with the computer chair .

These are for the pet vet to , took the food out of the cans and cleaned them , I am trying to find a way to make fake pet food to put in them .

These were also cheap at walmart , I think the pet vet will be their favorite present .

First week of school and birthdays

Monday, September 7, 2015

Riley's 9th birthday party , out of all the pictures I took she never looked at the camera .

Leah loves to play with rocks , she actually brought a bag home with her .

Job's 3rd birthday , I didn't get many pictures because the batteries died in my camera

Leah took a selfie :)

I took our picture frame and put burlap behind it to make a dry erase board , tired of replacing them every year , I only wish I could find a big one at a yard sale , this one is a 16x20 , and I need darker dry erase markers .

found these at walmart  , I could actually use 2 sets .

We use a sonlight binder for school , they may be a bit pricey but they are heavy duty , we have been using this one since kindergarten .

For now this is what we use for our weekly assignments , it is on microsoft word , it works for us for now .

our electric pencil sharpener died , so we went back to old school , which is always best :)

Leah wanted me to take her picture to see if she could see her caps , she went through a lot of pain at the dentist last month :(  but she is excited now about her silver teeth .
8th month , I can't believe how much time has went by .

Milk pie , we made this also from the Lily lapp books .
We are leaving wed. for Leah's surgery , I will try to update , everybody please pray .

Update On Life Around Here

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sorry for not blogging so long , but 2015 has been so busy for us and has had a lot of challenges and blessings . The blessing is I am pregnant with baby #5  , me and the kids are so excited , my due date is Nov. 1st . The challenges are I have a large ovarian cyst , which caused me a lot of problems at the first of my pregnancy , I will probably have to have it removed after the baby comes , other challenges is we had to move this summer from our house to an apartment , moving is hard when you are not pregnant , we are all trying to adjust to apartment living . I will try to be a better blogger when we get adjusted , I know I have said that before right . A while back we took Leah to Chattanooga to see all her doctors for a check up , the news that I got was not what I wanted to hear but it looks like she has to have another surgery , I wouldn't put her through it if it wasn't a have to case , but I will post more on that later . We are not starting school until Sept. 1st , but here are a few pictures from our summer . 
Ready for church , I don't think I mentioned that we finally found a church to go to .

Searching for crawdads , one of their favorite things to do , Leah just loves playing with rocks .

My little Leah .

This was the first time in years that we had June bugs here , and the first time Leah got to tie one on a string , she was thrilled , she laughed and giggled the whole time , I remember doing this when I was a child .

Riley playing a dulcimer at farm fest , I wish I would have got more pictures .

Fishing , another one of the kids favorite activities , Leah has become quite a fisherman , she is so patient and can already cast the rod and reel herself , her and Riley wanted me to take a picture of them wearing my hiking hat .

Sugared nuts , I made these with the kids , they were so yummy , we love reading Lily Lapp books and sometimes we try the recipe's in there , we also made the milk pie and it was good to .

Pretend Birthday

Saturday, February 28, 2015

This was Leah's pretend birthday , she called it that because her birthday party had to be cancelled because we were snowed in , she didn't understand so we let her open the presents from us and we are still going to have her party as soon as we can .

She loves her big sister , I can't believe that she is 4 already .

The kids got me this beautiful necklace for my birthday , I love this hymn it is one of my favorite's , the girls love it to , whenever I sing it Leah sings along with me , Riley told me whenever I look at it I will start singing it  , she is right I have already sang it twice today : )

We are doing cantering the country this year and this is all the the states we have studied so far , we have had so much fun with this .

Snow and Cold !

Saturday, February 21, 2015

We have had such a mild winter that I didn't expect all this snow and cold temps , I am so looking forward to spring but right now 30 degrees would be a heat wave , since we have been stuck indoors we have just been busy doing school

studying snow flakes

Leah's toboggan  kept falling off , we finally figured out why , she loves little toys and she is always taking some with her wherever she goes .


Job put his toboggan on backwards , he wants to get ready by himself now , without mommies help .

enjoying snow cream :)