No More No No's

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Doctor told us during our last visit we could take the no no's off which was a relief , but he said that Leah's mouth is not healing yet so she has to stay on her soft food diet for another month , but she is already used to it . She don't really care as long as it's food , she has a huge appetite , it really surprises me at how much she can eat . The no no's were not so bad this time for us anyway because we found a better way of keeping them on , the last time we used socks but as I was packing for this trip I came across a pair of leg warmers that I had bought Leah at Target last year so I gave them a try and they worked a lot better than socks , all you have to do is pull them over the no no's at the wrist , I'll add a picture. Leah is also walking now :) .