Leah Is Finally Here .....

Monday, March 7, 2011

I am sorry it took me so long to post , I have been resting when I can and busy when I can't . Leah was born on Feb. 24th , I had woke up that morning with a fever and aches and pains , I knew I had come down with something , I told my mom that I hoped I didn't go into labor that day because I was so sick , but Leah had been pushing down all that day . By the time evening came I was in so much pain , I didn't know if it was labor pains or pains from whatever sickness I had , I couldn't decide whether to go to the hospital or not . I believe it was around 9:00 that night when I realized that the pains I was having were about 5 minutes apart , I said a prayer before leaving the house , hoping that this was the real thing .

My contractions were not that bad on the way to the hospital , I was thankful for that because my husband always obeys the laws of the road , even when a woman is in labor :) . When I got admitted into the hospital , they said I was definitely contracting , I couldn't believe how mild my contractions were , but the next thing I knew the nurse came in and said the Dr. wanted to get things rolling and to get this done , she said they were going to break my water and give me pitocin , I had never had this done and couldn't understand why they were going to do it , unless it was because I was sick , well to make a long story short Leah was out in under 3 hours , I was so relieved , and I just fell in love when I saw that face .

I had to stay in the hospital an extra day , to make sure Leah was eating enough , she could not latch on to nurse so I have to pump and give it to her in a special bottle , it takes her a while to take a bottle because she has to take breaks , she gets tired . Here are some pics of her first day at home , I will post some more soon ....Thank you for all your prayers and God Bless .