Valentine's Day 2016

Sunday, February 14, 2016

We decided to have a valentine party this year , we made all the decorations and handmade cards .

I don't know how he sleeps around here with all the noise                

My Valentine

Our memory verse this month

They loved this activity table cloth I found at Walmart

Waiting for the cookies to bake .

Snow Days

Sunday, February 7, 2016

After being stuck in the apartment for 2 weeks over the stomach flu we finally got out for a day or two before we got stuck in again over snow and blizzards , but the kids had fun playing in it , all I can say is I am ready for spring .

Leah is wearing socks on her hands because we couldn't find all of our gloves.

A cute frame that a friend gave Noah for Christmas

Dallas got me this purse for Christmas , I love it because it's so big I can use it for a diaper bag to , it's a lot easier to carry one bag .

I can't believe Noah is 3 months now , I call him my little cuddle bunny , he just loves to cuddle which is something I love , I love cuddling babies . I found him this cute little outfit at old navy marked down to 3.99 , it looks so cute on him .