My Little Helpers

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Riley helping me make strawberry shortcakes for breakfast . This recipe came from one of my favorite blogs and they were so good . You can view the recipe here strawberry shortcake recipe 

 Riley loves to vacuum , I remember when I used to like vacuuming :) . They all help out so much and when your 7 months pregnant you can use any help . Riley loves her rain boots she wears them all the time even when it's not raining .

Leah's First Year

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Leah has been such a treasure , even after all she has been through she is still a happy baby .

Things about Leah - can only say M words , everyone is a mama or a mamaw , ducks and birds are mack macks and cats are meow meows all other animals she just makes a growling noise .

Loves loves loves her hand towels , it's her security blanket and she won't go to sleep without one , sometimes she will carry two of them around , I guess people wonder why and sometimes I tell them about how I had to hold them under her chin when I would feed her .

Favorite foods - Bread , Bananas , Green beans , Mashed potatoes .

Favorite things to do - Coloring , Swinging , Riding toys , Riding in the car buggy with Riley at the store , playing in water .

Favorite places to go - Mamaw's house you are not only a mama's girl but you are also a papaw's girl , and you call your papaw mamaw .

Things you don't like - wearing shoes , mango's and orange juice .

Funny things you do - when you get real tickled about something you put your hands over your mouth .