Obama is at it again !

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Here Lately !

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Well I'll try to catch up on everything since my last post , to start there was a shooting at my daughters high school , nobody was hurt except for the gunman , he was shot and killed by a police officer . Another reason to consider homeschooling . Dallas helped me out so much before school started back , one evening she cooked dinner by herself , but now that she is back to school I don't ask her to do more than a few chores , she is in band and that is hard work and long hours so she really does not have much time for anything . I have really felt bad today , my house is in a mess , but the mess will be waiting for me when I start feeling better :) . I am still trying to study for my GED , I am wishing now that I would have finished school , I have to get my GED so I can home school Riley , I have always been bad at math , it doesn't come easy for me , in fact it gives me a headache sometimes . Maybe after I get my GED I can have more time for my hobbies once again. Well I'm glad to hear that everybody I've been praying for is doing OK . I finally found a doctor , I have not met her yet but have an apt. I don't believe in male gynecologist , and we are losing a lot of our women doctor's around here , so I hope this one is nice . Well til next time and GOD BLESS !!!!