Update On Life Around Here

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sorry for not blogging so long , but 2015 has been so busy for us and has had a lot of challenges and blessings . The blessing is I am pregnant with baby #5  , me and the kids are so excited , my due date is Nov. 1st . The challenges are I have a large ovarian cyst , which caused me a lot of problems at the first of my pregnancy , I will probably have to have it removed after the baby comes , other challenges is we had to move this summer from our house to an apartment , moving is hard when you are not pregnant , we are all trying to adjust to apartment living . I will try to be a better blogger when we get adjusted , I know I have said that before right . A while back we took Leah to Chattanooga to see all her doctors for a check up , the news that I got was not what I wanted to hear but it looks like she has to have another surgery , I wouldn't put her through it if it wasn't a have to case , but I will post more on that later . We are not starting school until Sept. 1st , but here are a few pictures from our summer . 
Ready for church , I don't think I mentioned that we finally found a church to go to .

Searching for crawdads , one of their favorite things to do , Leah just loves playing with rocks .

My little Leah .

This was the first time in years that we had June bugs here , and the first time Leah got to tie one on a string , she was thrilled , she laughed and giggled the whole time , I remember doing this when I was a child .

Riley playing a dulcimer at farm fest , I wish I would have got more pictures .

Fishing , another one of the kids favorite activities , Leah has become quite a fisherman , she is so patient and can already cast the rod and reel herself , her and Riley wanted me to take a picture of them wearing my hiking hat .

Sugared nuts , I made these with the kids , they were so yummy , we love reading Lily Lapp books and sometimes we try the recipe's in there , we also made the milk pie and it was good to .