Ooooh Boy !

Sunday, October 13, 2013

 So whats it like to have a boy around the house ? Well let me start off by saying I am very thankful that God blessed me with my little man Job , I prayed for many years that he would someday give me a little boy . With that said when Job was 3 months old people would ask me if I could tell the difference between boys and girls yet , I would say no , and then Job started to crawl and at 9 months he started walking , he has never slowed down since , instead of calling him my little man I think I should call him my wild man because he is the wildest child I have ever had :) This boy keeps me on my toes all day long , he climbs on everything , the other day I ask him to give mama a kiss and he pulled my glasses off and hit me with them  but some days he is very sweet and he is a mama's boy and I love my boy , I just can't turn my back on this boy for a minute, yes there is a difference between boys and girls , and if you have been blessed with both then you are very blessed indeed . Our days are full of excitement since Job came into our lives , Here are some of my favorite pictures of my little (wild) man  - 


He always has a smile on his face , he is such a happy boy , and I am a happy mama .

Meet Rosemary

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Rosemary is Riley's bunny she got for her birthday , she is a Holland Lop , she is such a sweet bunny , she will just sit and let the kids brush her fur , she lets them carry her around everywhere .