Monday, July 25, 2011

This summer we made eggheads , these are a lot of fun . what you will need -
Raw eggs
a needle
Egg carton
Grass seeds
Potting soil
Permanent markers.
First , use a needle or small nail to make a hole about the size of a quarter in one end of an egg , then drain the egg and rinse out the shell . Carefully draw or paint funny faces on the shells and put them in the egg carton , use permanent markers so the colors won't bleed when you water the hair . Use a spoon to fill the shells with soil , then plant the grass seed , moisten the soil , cover with plastic wrap and place them in a sunny window until the seeds sprout . Style the hair into pigtails or buzz cuts , We made pigtails on a couple of ours but then Riley decided they all needed buzz cuts . I got my grass seed at the hardware store , all you need is a handful , it's a lot cheaper that way .