Dollywood 2014

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

We always have fun at Dollywood .

Job wanted off of this ride after it went up in the air

Leah's favorite ride is the Rockin' Roadway , which we have to ride at least 4 times or more and most of the time its more , but its worth seeing the smile on her face .

and the bigger kids love it to .

ready to go !

Riding with papaw

we timed it so when the fireworks started we would be on the car ride , everybody loved it .


1st Grade Read Aloud Review

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I always make our book list so long that we never get around to reading them all , which is why I continue with our read alouds over the summer and into the next school year , but I try to review on here to help others , I get a lot of my book info from other blogs and websites like Sonlight , I order some things from them every year , I'm only going to list our favorite's , so here's the list 
1. Henry Huggins - 
2. The year of Miss Agnes - This was a good book we hope to continue with Miss Agnes and the ginger tom next year and hope it is good to . 

3. Homer Price - Riley loved this book , it was so funny , it made us laugh out loud . will continue this one next year to with Centerburg tales . 
4. Mountain Born - Another good book and next year we will cont. with a place for Peter .  
5. Understood Betsy - We loved this one so much that we will be reading it again , if you have a kindle you can get this book for .99 cents , we have a kindle that we use for a lot of our books for school , because Amazon is so much cheaper on books and our libraries don't have a lot of the books we need .
6. Owls in the family - This was another one that Riley liked and plus we love owls , she wants to read this one again .

7. No children No pets - This book was fun to read , and a good ending , I had trouble finding this book and had to order it from Sonlight .
8. Little house on the prairie - we love little house .

9. Life with Lily - The adventures of Lily Lapp , we all loved this book , when you start reading this book you really don't want to put it down and when you do you can't wait to start reading it again , it's hard to find good children's books anymore , these books are instant classics .      
10. The children of Noisy Village -  we didn't even know about these books until I found it on a blog post , we really loved this book to and just couldn't wait to read it everyday , we can't wait to read happy times in Noisy Village next year .
11. Arty's tough trail - we really loved this book and I didn't realize that this was a series and in a certain order and this was not the first book but next year we are going to read the first one . 
12. The Hundred Dresses -   
13. The Kings Daughter - we are reading this one over the summer and you can get it for kindle for free -