1st Grade Read Aloud Review

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I always make our book list so long that we never get around to reading them all , which is why I continue with our read alouds over the summer and into the next school year , but I try to review on here to help others , I get a lot of my book info from other blogs and websites like Sonlight , I order some things from them every year , I'm only going to list our favorite's , so here's the list 
1. Henry Huggins - 
2. The year of Miss Agnes - This was a good book we hope to continue with Miss Agnes and the ginger tom next year and hope it is good to . 

3. Homer Price - Riley loved this book , it was so funny , it made us laugh out loud . will continue this one next year to with Centerburg tales . 
4. Mountain Born - Another good book and next year we will cont. with a place for Peter .  
5. Understood Betsy - We loved this one so much that we will be reading it again , if you have a kindle you can get this book for .99 cents , we have a kindle that we use for a lot of our books for school , because Amazon is so much cheaper on books and our libraries don't have a lot of the books we need .
6. Owls in the family - This was another one that Riley liked and plus we love owls , she wants to read this one again .

7. No children No pets - This book was fun to read , and a good ending , I had trouble finding this book and had to order it from Sonlight .
8. Little house on the prairie - we love little house .

9. Life with Lily - The adventures of Lily Lapp , we all loved this book , when you start reading this book you really don't want to put it down and when you do you can't wait to start reading it again , it's hard to find good children's books anymore , these books are instant classics .      
10. The children of Noisy Village -  we didn't even know about these books until I found it on a blog post , we really loved this book to and just couldn't wait to read it everyday , we can't wait to read happy times in Noisy Village next year .
11. Arty's tough trail - we really loved this book and I didn't realize that this was a series and in a certain order and this was not the first book but next year we are going to read the first one . 
12. The Hundred Dresses -   
13. The Kings Daughter - we are reading this one over the summer and you can get it for kindle for free - 



Nikki said...

Thank you for sharing. Rainbow Resources is a GREAT place to find children's books. :) Enjoy your summer reading!

Nikki said...

Another favorite place is Keepers of the Faith. So far anything by Isabella Alden has been good. Good messages throughout!

Dawn said...

Thank you so much for the info , can't wait to see what they have :)

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