Thanksgiving 2016

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Some of our fall crafts

our little Job is growing like a weed

our thankful tree

I made a cushaw pie this year , my first time trying cushaw and I love it just as much as pumpkin will be looking forward to having it again next year .

Thanksgiving dinner at grandmaws , nobody cooks like mom right .

                           Happy Thanksgiving and may God Bless      
                    your family as he has blessed ours .

Summer Break / VBS

Sunday, June 26, 2016

We have been enjoying our summer break and we had vacation bible school this month and they had horse rides this year , Riley and Leah rode them everyday but Job never would get on one .

These were some crafts from bible school , it was a farm theme , they also got to pet animals but I didn't get any pics .

We saw a rainbow on the way home .

A strange looking caterpillar we saw on a hiking trail .

Riley loves butterflies , she has a way of getting them to land on her hand , they always fly away from me .

Big brother / little brother

At mamaw and papaws  house we put some clothes line on the swing so the girls could wash doll clothes , we didn't have a washboard but it was still fun . 

Dad bought this cooler backpack at a yard sale to take fishing but ended up letting Job have it , he wouldn't take it off the whole day he pretended he was hiking .

I love watching the birds at mom's she has so many feeders .

Noah in a cute outfit from a dear friend , thank you so much for the package , Leah loved the dresses , will write you back soon :)

Mothers Day / Hike to Laurel Falls

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Mothers Day 2016

The kids made noodle necklaces for Mothers day , they worked hard dying the noodles , they made me a green bracelet to match my keens :) .

My Mothers day cards

Moms Iris

fun on the tractor

We also went to a dog show which was fun , we had funnel cake and lemonade .

see the powdered sugar all over Job's shirt ?

This was our hike to Laurel Falls

The kids love this hike it's one of their favorites , they wish we could hike it everyday .

They always find interesting creatures on this trail .

We Love oven veggies for lunch :)