Saturday, December 24, 2016

What we have been up to on our Christmas break ....

Our construction paper Christmas tree , Riley and Lily helped make this .

stringing popcorn and cranberries for our tree

we had never done this before and the kids thought it was so much fun

we got a real tree this year and let the kids pick it out and decorate it

we decided to make all the ornaments for the tree , here we are making cinnamon ornaments .

making our gingerbread house

wax lips we got in advent calendar :) .

it seems we never have enough time to do all the stuff we plan but we managed to do a little bit this year .

we went to a wallabies Christmas pajama party , Job did not come because he does not like inflatables .

our snowflakes

once again this year for school we are trying our root view garden but all we ever see is the roots , the vegetable never forms

after making all of our crafts , we started spending most of our time making goodies , this is our death by chocolate

crock pot chocolate candy

this is the kids restaurant table I made them for Christmas

I made this for Riley for her 18 inch doll clothes and shoes

This is how we spent our time this Christmas , I hope you all have a Merry Christmas to !


Nikki said...

You do such amazing and fun gifts for your kids. I love the time you put into them.I am not sure what your crock pot chocolate is but it looks amazing......

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