Kindergarten Science Review

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

For our Kindergarten year I went with Usborne for science Here are the books we used - 

we loved the science activities volume two and inquisikids DVD , with these you can do a project once a week for the entire school year , and Riley loves doing projects , so she had a lot of fun with these , along with these I used the Internet linked children's encyclopedia - 

we really liked this book but I did have to alter it for my needs because it has teachings of evolution in it and of course your typical millions of years ago , change that to a little over 6,000 and its OK . Riley loved the Internet links , we didn't do every one of them but the ones we did do was fun , sometimes it was games and instructional video's . Here are a few more books we read for science that I bought , this does not include books we read from the library - 

This was a really easy curriculum , I am going with Usborne for science again this year but will be adding some more to it such as the Kent Hovind creation videos and I also found these on amazon - 

These are also by Kent Hovind and we love learning about Dinosaurs .