Noah's Story

Friday, March 24, 2017

Before Noah was born one of the last ultrasounds that I had done showed that his stomach was swollen , my ob said we would talk about it later , she never did talk to me about it later . After Noah was born he spit up a lot , at the age of 3 months he started vomiting so I took him to the Dr. they said it was probably what I was eating so I changed my diet and tried to avoid foods that I thought maybe he was sensitive to , it didn't help much . At 6 months I started Noah on organic baby food , his vomiting kept getting worse , his stomach would swell and he would throw up 5 or 6 times , he would do this every couple days sometimes if we were lucky he would go 3 days without throwing up . I kept telling the Dr. what was going on but got no help . At 9 months I started giving Noah solid foods , I soon realized that Noah was a very sick child because his stomach could not digest food , whatever I fed him would be in his vomit whether it be a day later or three days later , the food would still be there , I realized we had a serious problem . Noah's vomiting kept getting worse , he was not growing or gaining weight , I couldn't feed him table food and he got to the point where he was having trouble keeping down baby food . I got another Dr. and told them Noah's problem , he was 1 year old and only weighed 13 pounds , his cheeks were sunk in and I knew that I had to find someone to help me find out why Noah could not eat . The new Dr. was not much better , she put Noah on pediasure and foods that were high in fat and protein , even after I told her that Noah could not eat solid foods , and she put him on stomach meds and said I'll see you back in a month . The pediasure helped Noah gain a little weight , up to 14.8 lbs. but that was it , he never gained anymore , the foods she had me to try only made Noah worse , and the meds didn't help either. At this point Noah is getting worse , the baby food is not working anymore , I go back to this Dr. and tell her to give me a referral to a ped. gastro , she gave me the referral and once again said I'll see you back in a month . When we finally make it to the gastro she gives me a list of foods to try for Noah , increases his meds and you probably guessed it she said I'll see you back in a month . When we go back to the gastro again we finally get an order for a test , a GI test , I was so happy to have those papers in my hand and Noah is 15 months at this point and little did I know that Noah was going to get a lot worse before the test , so one day me and the kids are eating grapes and Noah wants one so bad that he is trying to grab them out of our hands , so I give him the inside of the grape and I even mash it up and he loved it and would cry for me to give him more so I gave him a few more , for the next few days Noah didn't throw up , the fifth day rolled around and I was wondering what was going on because Noah had never went that long without throwing up that night I was at my moms and left Noah with her while I went to the store and was back in a few minutes , when I walked through the door my mom said hurry help me Noah is sick , I held him while he just vomited over and over it was like a child that has a stomach flu and I looked down at one of his vomit piles and sure enough there were the grapes , this was going to be how Noah would throw up from now on and not just every 3 days but everyday or every other day to the point to where I now had to worry about dehydration , some days Noah would be so weak that he would be playing and just lay down in the floor , I would lay down beside him and just talk to him , at this point I am exhausted and in tears just from watching my child suffer and wither away , I kept praying for the LORD to help me find someone that can find out what is wrong with Noah's stomach , I felt that time was something we were running out of . One morning not long after Noah had just got up he started vomiting and there was strings of blood and then he threw up a clot , we rushed him to the children's hospital , they said they thought it was just where he had thrown up so much the night before , they put him on IV for a little while in case of dehydration and said there was no need to bring him back unless he was throwing up a lot of blood like an ounce or so , I couldn't believe what I was hearing . Noah was 16 months old when we went for the GI , the test results showed that his food was not digesting which I already knew and the food came back up in his throat 6 times during the test and there was in fact some kind of blockage . So the next test they order is an endoscopy which was a week away , a week is a long time when you have a child that is as sick as Noah is , but at the same time I was thanking the LORD because we were finally getting real test done to try to find out Noah's problem . In the meantime Noah's Dr.'s were trying to get me to give him a medication that would try to push food through his stomach , it had some bad side effects and common sense told me that you shouldn't try to force food through a blockage so I didn't want to give Noah this medication and I didn't , the nurse at the gastro Dr. actually told me the medicine could be the magic fix for Noah those words upset me so bad that I never got them out of my head , and I don't think I ever will . The morning of the endoscopy I prayed and thanked the LORD for answering my prayer because I knew that we were finally going to find out that day what was wrong with Noah , so I felt really good even though I got a little nervous when I found out there was no ped. anesthesiologist but I knew we had to do this . The gastro Dr. realized that the situation was more serious than what she thought , when she did the endoscopy she saw a hole and didn't know where it was leading to , she didn't realize til she had went down in there and it scared her to death I think , she had us to rush to the children's hospital where Noah would be admitted and have a barium test and it was that test that showed us the problem , it actually showed us more than the endoscopy a simple test that could have been done 10 months earlier if it would have just been ordered by a Dr. , it turned out to be malrotation , I had never heard of this before but I went and researched it Noah had every symptom if I would have known . Noah was going to have surgery the next day , I really liked the surgeon , I heard a lot of good things about her , so I felt good about the whole thing and plus a weight had been lifted off of me so you could imagine my relief of just finding out what was wrong . we had a little scare during the surgery because Noah threw up so we are in ICU , not long after the surgery Noah pulled out his breathing tube and the g tube , so he was strong enough to do that :) my aunt told my mom to tell me not to worry because the LORD has kept Noah here this long and he will see him through this to . I am just so relieved that it's over , I can't wait to give Noah real food and him not throw up , I am writing this story to so I can hopefully be of help to someone else , I urge all parents to at least research malrotation and it's symptoms because 1 in 500 kids are born with this , and please don't except the I will see you back in 1 month line , I finally told Noah's Dr. that I didn't want to hear those words anymore and you know what she said I'll see you back as needed , that sounds a lot better . The time that it took to find out what was wrong with Noah and our treatment was unexceptable in the medical field , but our prayer was answered and we are getting excellent and fast service now , I love the surgeon and our nurses , everybody we have met here can not believe Noah's story and they can't believe he only weighs 13 pounds and the surgeon even asked me if Noah's Dr.'s knew about this problem all this time and I said yes and she asked me their names and I hope this story helps someone , please keep Noah in your prayers . I will try to update asap.