Mothers Day / Hike to Laurel Falls

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Mothers Day 2016

The kids made noodle necklaces for Mothers day , they worked hard dying the noodles , they made me a green bracelet to match my keens :) .

My Mothers day cards

Moms Iris

fun on the tractor

We also went to a dog show which was fun , we had funnel cake and lemonade .

see the powdered sugar all over Job's shirt ?

This was our hike to Laurel Falls

The kids love this hike it's one of their favorites , they wish we could hike it everyday .

They always find interesting creatures on this trail .

We Love oven veggies for lunch :)

Tractor show and Busy Days

Saturday, May 7, 2016

At the end of the school year is always a busy time for us , but here is some random pictures from our life lately - 

The Tractor show , we love Tractors and had so much fun this year .

My dad said that Job really does look like a farmer .

Leah loved this pink tractor .

can you tell that we love red tractors .

I had to get a picture of this tag , I have heard of people that actually eat possum and they say it's good , I wouldn't mind trying it as long as you don't tell me what I am eating until after I have tried it :)

Homemade bean with bacon soup , this soup is so good thanks to the Pioneer Woman , I love her recipes and they are so easy to follow .

we made sun catchers for one of our spring crafts .

these are Riley's eggs that she colored with natural food dye , we didn't get around to it at Easter so she just did them as a project to learn how , it was really fun and educational .

These were a church sale find , I thought they were cute , I love going to church sales .

these were from the church sale to .

Birds just love nesting under mamaw and papaw's carport

this was a before church picture a while back

Noah is eating baby cereal now , but he don't like it , he fusses the whole time we try to feed him .

Job is always climbing on my freezer in the laundry room which he's not supposed to do , he still loves to climb :)

we finished our state study this year , but next school year we are going to go back and make a lap book for special things about each state . Riley loves studying about states .