54 Days To Go

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Well at least that is what my baby ticker says , this pregnancy has just went by so fast . I have done really good up until my last trimester , I have been down in my back and my hips , some days it has been hard just to get around . I am guessing maybe he is going to be a big boy or maybe its just the weight. I have gained more with this one than all my others , I have never weighed this much in my life and I still have to gain even more :) . I have been feeling a lot better though since baby has dropped which happened about 5 days ago . Since I am feeling better I realized that there is a lot of things I need before baby gets here , I have spent so much time at home lately , it's been so busy around here , the kids really have not got to do much this summer but I think they have really enjoyed the time at home . I hope to take them somewhere soon , today I was looking at ultrasound pictures and realized that I can tell each one of my kids in those pictures and a lot of people say they can't tell anything about them , maybe it's just a mom thing , I hope everyone is enjoying their summer .