Noah Update

Thursday, June 22, 2017

After Noah's last surgery he got pneumonia from throwing up during surgery and caught 2 viruses on top of that while in the hospital , then when we got home I gave him Ibuprofen for pain and I didn't know that he had three ulcers and the Ibuprofen started the ulcers to bleeding and that was scary we just about lost him , he had to have a blood transfusion , and before we left the hospital they did the barium test again and Noah has another blockage , he has a web over his duodenum . His surgery was today and he is doing good , he didn't throw up this time thank goodness , I would love for everyone to pray for a quick recovery . Sorry for not updating in a while but with all the complications with Noah's last surgery and catching up and finishing school we have been very busy , plus I didn't know how things would go with this surgery so I wanted to try to spend some time with the kiddos beforehand so we have been having a lot of fun , we went to dollywood and went camping , fishing , and hiking , Noah loves camping , as soon as he heals I want to take him back again , as soon as I can I will post some pictures , I just wanted to quickly update about whats going on in our lives . Please keep Noah in your prayers .


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