Surgery Update

Saturday, September 19, 2015

This was Leah's first day of surgery , she was just out of it most of the day , but her pain was not like her past surgeries which I am so thankful .

This was the day after her surgery , she felt a lot better this day but when she went to bed she got sick and started throwing up so we had to stay longer til she got better , I think it was the loritab making her sick .

Thank you all for your prayers .

I have started working on Christmas presents , I am making the kids a pet vet , I usually start on Christmas in July but it took so much money for us to move on I am getting a late start hope I get it all done .

found this at dollar tree for the pet vet , I think  it needs more bones .

these pictures are not in order , but this was the motel the night before the surgery , they all played with the computer chair .

These are for the pet vet to , took the food out of the cans and cleaned them , I am trying to find a way to make fake pet food to put in them .

These were also cheap at walmart , I think the pet vet will be their favorite present .


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