First week of school and birthdays

Monday, September 7, 2015

Riley's 9th birthday party , out of all the pictures I took she never looked at the camera .

Leah loves to play with rocks , she actually brought a bag home with her .

Job's 3rd birthday , I didn't get many pictures because the batteries died in my camera

Leah took a selfie :)

I took our picture frame and put burlap behind it to make a dry erase board , tired of replacing them every year , I only wish I could find a big one at a yard sale , this one is a 16x20 , and I need darker dry erase markers .

found these at walmart  , I could actually use 2 sets .

We use a sonlight binder for school , they may be a bit pricey but they are heavy duty , we have been using this one since kindergarten .

For now this is what we use for our weekly assignments , it is on microsoft word , it works for us for now .

our electric pencil sharpener died , so we went back to old school , which is always best :)

Leah wanted me to take her picture to see if she could see her caps , she went through a lot of pain at the dentist last month :(  but she is excited now about her silver teeth .
8th month , I can't believe how much time has went by .

Milk pie , we made this also from the Lily lapp books .
We are leaving wed. for Leah's surgery , I will try to update , everybody please pray .


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