Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Abortion is murder , and murder is not legal . There are
3,000 babies being murdered everyday in our country . In
some states if a woman gives birth and kills her baby
while it's still attached to the umbilical cord it's
just considered abortion . Whats next ? if a woman
kills her baby after it's a year old will that be
considered an abortion to ? I hate these
words ( a woman's choice ) . Where is the babies
choice ? or the fathers choice ? If a father kills
the baby before it's born , he is charged with murder .
But it's not murder if the mother does it or the hired
hit man ( so called abortion doctor ) . Do you see how
wrong this is ? For those of you out there who love
Obama , did you know that he supports partial birth
abortion . If you don't know what that is you can
research it , it's basically where the baby is
partially born and they stick a metal rod in it's
head and suction it's brains out . Does this sound
like murder to you ? Most people would say yes and
most people can't look at the pictures at the bottom
of this post without crying , but people need to wake
up and realize that this is real , we need to stop
pretending that this is not happening .


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