Monday, June 14, 2010

The reason for my title is because we have all been
fooled by the public school system , myself included .
My oldest daughter goes to public school , and
everyday I regret that I chose to send her there , I
am leaving her in school because she is almost through
school now . My youngest however will be home schooled .
God makes it clear in the bible that it is the parents
responsibility to teach and train their children . A
mother should stay at home and raise her children . I
know there are some situations where this is not always
possible , but I pray you won't be in that situation
continually . Here are some scriptures regarding this
subject - Prov. 29:15 The rod and reproof give
wisdom : but a child left to himself bringeth his
mother to shame . Prov. 22:6 Train up a child in
the way he should go : and when he is old , he will
not depart from it . Deut. 11:19 and ye shall teach
them your children , speaking of them when thou
sittest in thine house , and when thou walkest by
the way , when thou liest down , and when thou risest
. According to this verse you need to be with your
child when they get up , throughout the day , when
your child goes to bed . The most important thing
your child needs to learn is the Bible , the things
of God . The public school system is anti God .
They teach evolution , planned parenthood ,
environmentalism , and as if this is not enough
now they are going to teach alternative lifestyle
(yes how to be a queer) . I've heard people say
oh that only happens in California , well I know
I live in a place where we are behind on a lot
of things , but everything catches up to us
eventually , like the red light cameras . I
believe that eventually this alternative lifestyle
curriculum will be mandatory in every public
school across the United States . Here is a
video for you to watch which makes me want
to throw up , and this school is not in Cal. -

Also what about the kids we are exposing our children to
8 hours a day . Another point I want to make to is I know
there are teachers that believe in God , but yet they are
forced to teach the garbage that the government run
public school system wants them to teach , they are
brainwashing our children . It wasn't that long ago
when public school did not exist and everyone
home schooled their kids . We need to make people
aware that the school system has failed . A while
back some people came to my daughters school and
went to each class having the children raise their
hand if they had a queer in there family , except
they used the word gay which I don't because
I think they ruined this word when they used
it to label queers . I was looking through my
daughters test review book that she had brought
home and found this -


Zsuzsanna said...

Wow, that excerpt is weird! How much false doctrine can it teach in such a short paragraph. As if the gospel is that you can go to heaven if you stop sinning - nobody can do that. And what about the fact that the Bible clearly says that the JEWS killed Jesus.

Dawn said...

Yea this was my thoughts exactly , and the paragraph before this one implied that God was not the only real true God . This was from an american history review before the end of the year test .

YoungBaptist07 said...

Hey Dawn, I sadly went to a public school as well as my brothers and sisters, and the effect it had on me is still evident today.

I learnt so much bad habits and sins from the institutes of "higher education" that I'm still cleansing my mind from it. Hopefully once I get married my wife should be able to home-school our children. So they cannot be subjected to what I went through and my brothers and sisters.


Dawn said...

Yea I can see the efect that public school has had on my daughter , and on all of us that have went through the school system . I'm so glad that we see the truth now , I'm glad that you want your kids to be home schooled .

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