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Saturday, February 19, 2011

My last ob appt. was on valentine's day , everything is great , she said hopefully I will go before my next appt.
I  hope so , I'm actually ready because I am to the point where I can't get around very good or do much of anything .
She said I didn't have to have the surgery after my delivery , she wants to wait til later and see if the cyst will go away after my delivery , so I was glad to hear that , I didn't want that to interfere with me breastfeeding Leah .
I have 10 days to go I think , I weigh 150 pounds now , I was 158 when I had Riley . I really can't believe how many comments I have had about how big I am with this pregnancy , (not on my blog ) but in person , I usually don't pay attention to it , I figure most people just say things without thinking and maybe some people just don't have compassion , but I received 1 comment even from my specialist that I thought was rude and not very professional .
Which reminded me of the website (my ob said what ? ) I have only been there one time and read a little of things that have been said and I can believe it .
I hope my hospital visit will be a good one this time , last time I got an I.V. infection , and we had to ask them to clean my room and bring me clean sheets , I will be going to the same hospital , I don't have much choice , my doctor wants me to go there , probably because they are supposed to have the best staff .
I pray that things will go well , I just don't like staying in the hospital , usually by the second day I am begging them to let me go home :) , but I know that God is with me and watching over me , so I'm not to worried this time .  

I know this post is not exciting , but I thought I would update , hope to do more post soon if I can find the time , Here is a picture and I hope everybody is doing good :) God Bless !!!!


Elizabeth said...

That is a completely BEAUTIFUL belly. My pregnant belly is always flat and wide. I would love to have that baby bump. Prayers for you and baby.

Kimmie said...

Adorable belly!

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