Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Well this an update to my last post , which I didn't have time to go into great detail . I am in my 11Th week of my pregnancy now , we only have one midwife in our area , which doesn't surprise me and she does not take my insurance . My insurance only lets me choose from a list of doctors , so I chose one and my first visit was exciting because I got to hear the baby's heartbeat but my doctor and I do not get along and as of today I have not been back . I have been searching for another doctor which I don't think I am going to find , because everyone I call is not excepting new ob patients , and I have learned that 98% of our ob doctors are male , so I may be stuck with this doctor , she is just so bossy and does not care how her patients feel about anything , with her your opinion doesn't count . Does anybody out there know what happens if you opt out of test that you don't want to have done ?

I took the kids with me for my first visit , even though this doctor talked down to me and was very rude , I'm still glad I took them with me so they could hear the baby's heartbeat to . I have been feeling better lately , I have been getting breaks in between my morning sickness , I'm still very tired at times . I have been shopping for maternity clothes , I went to the thrift stores but our thrift stores never have much and when they do they are over priced , so I went to yard sales and I did pretty good , I found maternity shirts with the tags still on them for 50 cents , one of them was a nursing top and I got a couple of dresses for 1.00 each . I didn't find any skirts which I need , it is getting hard to find long maternity skirts . If I don't find some soon I'll have to try eBay or motherhood , which I think is our only maternity store around here .

Also at the yard sales I found a stack of abeka kindergarten books that I got for only 7.00 , I was happy about that . I also tried one of those golden Oreo blizzards from DQ , like I needed one , I don't know why that I crave things that are not healthy , because normally I try to eat healthy , but when I'm pregnant I want junk food . I hope everybody else is doing great , will post more later on .....God Bless !!!!! Forgot to mention that my baby is due on my birthday which is Feb. 28TH , not going to get over excited because both my girls were born 7 days past there due date but it would be nice if he/she would come on that day .


Taryn said...

PTL for the Abeka books- we used mostly Abeka(King James Bible only). I would stay with the woman doctor and pray for her and favor with her. My last two pregnancies were at 35 and 38 years old- considered high risk - and I turned down sonograms because I didn't have them with the other four. I look for "This is the way walk ye in it" (Isaiah 30:21) -Taryn

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