Christians should not celebrate Halloween !

Monday, August 30, 2010

Well it will be here soon , that wicked day that I hate Halloween . They have already started displaying all that junk , I have to keep explaining to Riley why this holiday is bad and why we don't celebrate it . Then there are the family members that I have to contend with , sometimes I think grown ups like Halloween more than the children , it even makes some of them mad because you don't let your kids celebrate Halloween . Most people say they don't see anything wrong with letting your kids dress up and get candy , I don't see anything wrong with kids playing dress up or eating a little candy only not on the day of Halloween , I take my kids to a fall festival sometimes , which usually takes place way before Halloween , and has nothing to do with this holiday and it makes the kids feel like they are not missing out on anything by not celebrating Halloween . Halloween is a pagan holiday , there is so much info on this on websites but I will post some in case you don't want to look it up .

Halloween Origins: What is Samhain?
These Halloween origins are a time in which Druidism and Celtic Reconstructionists celebrate Samhain as a feast for the dead. Divination and fortune telling is believed to have better communication with the spirit world because the fall season holds the thinnest partition between the two worlds of the living and the dead. The Druids built huge sacred bonfires to offer sacrifices to the many Celtic deities that number over five hundred named gods. Before each yearly sacred bonfire, the Celts would extinguish their hearth fires and relight them with embers from the bonfire.

Bobbing for apples ?

When the Celts were absorbed by the roman empire , many rituals of roman origin began , among them was the worship of Pomona , goddess of the harvest , apples were the sacred fruit of the goddess .

Jack o lanterns ?

Irish children used to carve potatoes or turnips and light them for Halloween , for some Irish villain a wicked man named Jack , when they moved to the Americas , they brought their traditions with them but turnips were not readily available so they carved pumpkins .

As if this is not enough I can still see whats wrong with this holiday , when you see skeletons hanging from trees and tombstones in peoples yards and not to mention the costumes , you should be able to see what Halloween is all about .


Elizabeth said...

Amen, sister! And AMEN!

Have you noticed that young children are naturally afraid of halloween? Back when my oldest was about 2 halloween fell on a night we happened to be home. Living out in the country it is extremely rare for anyone to knock on our door, but we ended up having 1 trick-or-treater. When we answered the door (sort of forgetting what night it was), my son ran away in fear and had nightmares all night long. Even today when we are in the stores in October, the children will cry in fear if we pass through halloween stuff.

The thing is that parents desensitize their kids to ghoulish things, telling them how fun it is, how much candy they will get, how cute it is to dress up, that halloween stuff is not real (when it in fact is real), etc. Children however have a natural fear of Satan's devices. Who are we to try to undo God given defenses naturally instilled in children?

YoungBaptist07 said...

Good post, I was very much into Halloween growing up, not knowing it's origins or even the blatant worship and promotion of death and darkness.

Now I look at it, I see the problems this holiday brings and the ungodliness it promotes.

Rick Schworer said...

Good job sister!

I'm totally against Halloween, mostly because of the anyone with any common sense can tell that it's the Devil's holiday. Its main themes are horror, fright, hell, monsters, murder, death, and a bunch of other wicked things. Yes, there are a few princesses and pirates here and there, but by and large Halloween is identified with WICKEDNESS, and no Christian has any business getting involved in that.

Elez saj said...

Halloween? Its really new for me.

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