Monday, July 26, 2010

Riley , it's your 4Th birthday. You are growing up way to fast , I love your curly , fuzzy hair that you never want me to fix . You always want to brush it yourself . I love how you still cling to me , your always holding on to my skirt . I love how you shower me with hugs and kisses all the time . You are so cute , your always telling me about how God is heaven and all the saved people are there with him and how it never gets dark there . Sometimes I am surprised at how well behaved you can be , but when it comes to your older sister you can be very bossy and pushy sometimes . I love how you always say or do something everyday to make me smile or laugh , sometimes before you do something and your not sure whether it's OK , you will ask and say will that be fine ? I love you my little Riley and I hope you have a great birthday ....


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