2 month post and new bed

Friday, January 8, 2016

Noah in his snowman wearable blanket

Noah with Riley his little mommy , he adores her .

Trying to take a 2 month picture , Not a happy camper .

My mom and dad bought Noah this baby bed after the incident we had on new years eve , Job kicked Noah off the bed and we rang in the new year in the ER , Noah was fine but we all decided that a baby bed would be safer for Noah during the day when I have to put him down , especially around Job ( my wild child ) .

Noah loves the animals on his bumper pad , he tells them that he's good .

Riley and her doll Elizabeth

Leah and her doll Noah

Job is sick today , we are battling a stomach bug , Dallas got it first and now Job , it is horrible , I have spent all day cleaning and disinfecting everything , I worry about Noah because he is so little and Leah because her throat is not completely healed .

we managed to get some school work done today

and did some fun stuff to , today was also Dallas' birthday but she is sick :(


Nikki said...

Oh so much cuteness in this post. :) Sorry to hear about Noah having to go to the ER but glad he is fine. Sorry to hear that Dallas is sick on her birthday too. Hope everyone is feeling better now. :) Been thinking of you often.

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