Nellie's Laundry Soda

Saturday, January 18, 2014

When I first tried cloth diapering it worked well for a while and then I quit for 2 reasons , the first reason was the smell would not come out of the diapers after I washed them and the second was I could smell the diapers in the house before I could wash them even though I was trying to do a load everyday of course this is mainly just a problem in the summer time when the weather is hot , but then after reading some reviews on amazon ( One of my favorite places to shop ) I tried Nellie's all natural laundry soda - 
 All I can say is this stuff works , when the diapers come out of the wash they actually smell like they have been washed , if I could afford it I would use this on all our clothes but I am only going to use it on diapers , we use homemade laundry detergent for our clothes .The second problem was solved by using Bac-out , even if you go a day without washing you won't smell the diapers if you use this stuff -

the only thing is it can be really expensive which is why I am still trying to find an alternative , I am also using liners this time around , wish I would of known about these the first time around but these things are great -
I no longer have to deal with scrubbing dirty diapers , I was really surprised at how long these last and how well they work , you don't have to flush them either I just throw it in a plastic bag and throw it away , most of the time you will get a trace of poo on the diaper and if I don't have a load of diapers ready to wash at the time I just run it through a gentle rinse cycle and then toss it in the basket til the next load , this is easier for me than trying to spray them , even though spraying them is cheaper , its just whichever you prefer , I have been back to cloth diapering now for almost 2 months and I like it so much better .


Salinn said...

Thanks for sharing this. I used cloth for years and have been so lazy this time that I have not attempted them. Just the other day I found some flip diapers at the thrift store and it made me excited to try them. Hoping soon. I am going to check out that laundry soap. We make our own too. :) ~Nikki ~

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