Owl Prowl

Saturday, November 23, 2013

I am late posting this but weekend before last we went on an owl prowl at Steele creek park , we had so much fun , Riley loves the outdoors and nature as much as I do , we love to study animals so we were really excited about this class , we learned a lot . Their favorite part was dissecting owl pellets , will definitely order some of these for the kids to do at home , since Riley talked about this for a week afterwards . The night we did this the temp. was in the twenties , we did not go prepared , I really can't say why we went unprepared , I should know how to dress for night walks in freezing weather since I used to coon hunt with my aunt , uncle and papaw but I just was not thinking , next time we are wearing layers of clothing and getting hand and feet warmers , even though we did not get to see an owl we heard a few and that was exciting and I am sure this will be a great memory for them .


Didn't get any pictures of our walk because I left the camera back in the classroom .


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