Last Surgery Update

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Leah's surgery went well , thank you to everyone for your prayers . The pain was a lot less this time because they gave her Lortab liquid since she can't take codeine anymore . Most things were the same as last time like the No No's and sleeping in the car seat , the only thing different is her diet she can only have food the consistency of baby food , I thought this would be hard for her at first but I think she understood she went back to eating it just fine , it will take a while for her to get back to normal , as usual after a surgery she cries more and wants to be held more and gets up more during the night . The Dr. assured me that the palet was completely sealed so that was a relief  , both of us will be glad that no more food will be coming through her nose , before the palet surgery when Leah would eat whatever went up into the palet would later come out her nose , this was not pleasant for her , once I had to pull out long pieces of chicken that she hadn't chewed up very good . As far as pain and recovery goes this surgery was better than the last two , it seems she recovered a lot faster and the Lortab worked wonders for her pain . Will post more when I become less busy :)


Nicole said...

Dawn!!! I think I can finally comment. ForEVER I could not comment on this kind of comment setting, it had to be a pop up window, but I just tried the other day on someone elses blog and it I am hoping this works. I think about your daughter often and pray that you are all doing well!!! Thanks for sharing with us about her surgeries. How are you feeling???
Well, can't wait to read another post :)

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