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Monday, November 1, 2010

Well I can't believe that it's November already , I have been so busy that I don't know where the time has gone . I went for my ultrasound today and got some great news , first off Leah has a cleft lip , almost no top lip at all , and they could only find one nostril . The good news is they could not find anything else wrong with her , they checked her from head to toe . They said usually when a baby has a cleft lip they also have something wrong with there brain , but they couldn't find anything wrong with her brain. They want me to come back once a month to see if she is growing like she should , after she is born they are going to make a thing for her face so she will be able to nurse , during the ultrasound Leah kept sucking her thumb again , I wonder if she is going to be a thumb sucker , but most babies stop doing that after they are born . Thanks to the are they all yours blog and her great post on felt food , I decided to make the kids some Christmas presents this year . I am not good at sewing , all I know how to do is your basic sewing by hand , I don't even know how to use a sewing machine , but kids don't care how it turns out , I tried to pick easy stuff , I also decided to make her some food from her favorite things she likes to order from restaurants . I had to learn how to do a french knot for the Graham crackers and the Crazy bread , I don't like french knots but after you do it so many times it's not so bad , I had Dallas to go in Little Caesar's and ask them for a Crazy bread bag , I think I will try to make a pizza to and ask Pizza hut for a pan pizza box . Right now I am working on felt potatoes , after that I am going to make tea bags and corn dogs , I am also making the kids some Bottle cap necklaces , little girls love jewelry . I also took the kids to Jcp to have there pictures made , I will post one of those when I get them back . Thank you all for all your prayers , til next time GOD BLESS !!!! Here are a couple of pics - This picture of Leah is from my last ultrasound .


Taryn said...

Love the name Leah- that's what I call my granddaughter(9 months). Her name is Aliyah. She spent a week in NICU- she can't hear out of one of her ears. Her mother(my daughter) was diagnosed with type I diabetes as a child. Aliyah is the joy of our family- adored by her older girl cousins. Her middle name is Briana- that means strong. She tilts her head slightly and has tight muscles on one side- we have physical/speech therapists visit our house. And with prayer and joy she is making progress. One doctor mentioned cerebral palsy but others have disagreed. She is a gift from God as all children are. I love her laugh.

YoungBaptist07 said...

Hey Dawn it's been a while, I hope your OK, Leah is a beautiful name, I hope everything works out well for you :)

Karen said...

I haven't been checking the blogs too much lately. I'm so sorry I'm late with my comment. I'll be praying for you and little Leah. She'll be a blessed little girl to have such a wonderful mother.

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